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Female Warrior
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League of Dungeoneers
Female Warrior
Join the Adventure!
Detailed character development with over 100 different talents and perks.
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A detailed solo/ coop tabletop RPG experience.
Randomized dungeon layouts with 51 different tiles for maximum replayability
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The Game

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Main Rulebook

Roll the Dice


Roll the Dice


Welcome to von Braus Publishing

A small independent Publishing Company in Northern Sweden and we specialize in producing and publishing independent games with the feel and ambiance of old school gaming.

Playing that old RPG game with the technique of today.

The Deep

The Games

We are always working on new ideas and ways to enjoy a new game with the feel of old style.

League of Dungeoneers

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The name von Braus might seem a bit random, and in a way it is. But it has stuck with me since early childhood when me and my brother designed one of our first games.

We made a lot of games, and this was inspired by the Amiga game Wings. It was a WW1 arial combat game where you would control a number of squadrons, detailed down to every single pilot. Just as deadly as in real life, the pilots would often be removed faster from the rosters than they could be replaced. One pilot rose above the though, and that was Otto von Braus. Surviving dogfight after dogfight, he even reached acehood. Since then, Otto has accompanied me in all my games, and now into my company to make commercial games.

Wings cover

The Designer

Born and raised in Sweden, I’m an engineer with a huge passion for games. I’ve designed games for myself since childhood, but I’m by no means a professional games designer. My aim is to create the kind of games I would like to buy, and in the case they won’t sell, I at least have good game for myself.

Generally, I tend to like detailed games that are not simplified or dumbed down. I want to make those small decisions that stacked up with others might make all the difference. Currently, most of my focus is on Dungeoneers, but there are a few other games in the pipeline.

Michael Lundstedt
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