von Braus Publishing


von Braus Publishing

c/o Michael Lundstedt
Innertavle 352
905 96 Umeå


This game was created by me, for myself as I felt the available games on the market did not scratch my dungeon crawl itch the way I wanted them to. Either the characters where already pre-decided for me, or the details I like was missing. So I set about creating a game that would fulfill my needs, without caring what others might think of it.

After the game was finished and I had played it back and forth I realised that there might be more people like me out there. People who don’t like the simplifications and long back to the old school games like Warhammer Quest 95 and Advanced Hero Quest. Who wants to make their own choices and that like giving the small details some love. So, I decided to publish the game and it seems that I’m not alone after all.

If you’re not looking for a modern streamlined game, and if you don’t mind rolling dice and checking tables, please give the game a spin! Once you’ve tried it, please stop by the boardgamegeek site and give it a rating, good or bad!

Now, some 6 months after it’s initial release, a new big evolution of the game is around the corner!

Happy gaming and feel free to contact me on Dungeoneersgaming@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram (called Terrainiac with a b/w city image)